Your package is damaged during shipping !

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We must be notified of damage to a package on delivery within 3 business days in order to file the insurance claim.
Please note that insurance claims can take 2-8 weeks to process.
In some cases we can expedite the process, but in most cases, it takes that much time to determine fault and get reimbursed by the insurance company so please be patient as we are working very hard to get any claim filed and paid as quickly as possible.
We will either ship you a replacement or issue a refund after the claim is granted.

You will not be charged for postage twice if a product arrives damaged and requires replacement.
Please provide as much detail as possible. Make also pictures of the package. We will work quickly to replace the damaged merchandise. Save the product and packaging and wait for further instructions.
Please don't simply return it - we need to process a claim with the shipping carrier first.